Get Legal Help Qualifying For Veterans Aid Benefits

Wartime veterans and surviving spouses of wartime veterans who qualify can receive a monthly additional pension through the Veterans Affairs (VA) Aid and Attendance (A&A) program. Qualifying for this benefit is a difficult process, however, and many who deserve it either are unaware of their eligibility or do not have the means to navigate the complex filing process. This is why it is so important to obtain the counsel of an elder law attorney who has experience handling Veterans Affairs issues.

At Friedman Elder Law Department, LLC, we are trusted legal allies for veterans, their spouses and their other family members in Coral Springs and throughout South Florida. Attorney Heidi Friedman is a leader in her field, a Board-Certified Elder Law Attorney and the sister of two Army veterans. She is here to guide you through the process of qualifying for the VA A&A program and other important benefits.

Do You Qualify?

  • Are you a veteran who served our country during wartime?
  • Are you the spouse or surviving spouse of a wartime veteran?
  • Are you thinking of moving into an assisted living facility but don’t know if you can afford it?
  • Are you or your spouse currently in need of assistance from another individual, whether it is a professional aide or family member?

If you answered yes to two or more of these questions, then you may qualify for VA A&A Benefits. Although there are financial requirements to qualify for this additional benefit, many elderly veterans and surviving spouses who believe they cannot qualify actually can qualify with the assistance of an experienced elder law attorney. However, the A&A Benefit is almost never enough to fully pay the long-term care bill, so Medicaid is also a necessity.

Proceed Carefully To Protect Your Eligibility

Before applying, you must be careful and avoid making any important transactions. A significant asset transfer could result in disqualifying you for these benefits for months and even years.

It is extremely important that an attorney who is experienced in both Medicaid and VA Benefits law be consulted before any assets are purchased or property is transferred to become eligible for VA Benefits. Heidi is that attorney, experienced in both obtaining VA Benefits and preserving the right to also qualify for Medicaid benefits.

Our firm can help you and your family qualify for both VA and Medicaid, which will provide thousands of dollars each year to help pay for the significant cost of long-term care.

Let Us Help

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